sadieposterSadie (2018)
1h 36min | Drama | 12 October 2018 (USA)

Synopsis: Sadie is the powerful, unsettling and darkly funny story of a young girl (Sophia Mitri Schloss)who will stop at nothing to preserve her father’s place on the home front. Sadie is the daughter of a soldier and she models herself after his military example. When her mom, Rae (Melanie Lynskey), begins dating a new man, Cyrus (John Gallagher Jr.), Sadie vows to come between them, whatever it takes. Cyrus becomes the enemy, and if she’s learned anything from the world she inhabits, it’s that the enemy deserves no mercy.

Notable: There are a couple of things that stand out in the dark drama, SADIE.  For one Megan Griffiths’ script is solid. She writes relatable dialogue regardless of whether it it from teens or adults. She is able to capture the emotion of both generations convincingly. As a viewer you understand and empathize with both parties. That is important in this film where this is no good guy-bad guy. It is a tough situation for everyone. The sadness of the fact that it is all to common in our country only elevates the emotion.

The casting of the characters is another plus in this one. I have always been a big fan of Melanie Lynskey and here she plays a single mom, Rae, who’s estranged husband is off fighting in the war. She is in a horrible limbo of being married with no partner to speak of.  Her daughter Sadie is holding on to hope that her dad will return and the family unit restored. Sophia Schloss is an actress seasoned beyond her years and here that is vital. Sadie is a young girl having to deal with very adult situations. Schloss gives the perfect balance of inner innocence and a hard, protective, outer shell.

Rae and Sadie have a normal mother daughter dynamic in spite of their situation. They argue but it never takes away from the apparent love and respect that is at the root. Another element of the script that grounds the story. When the plot thickens and the twists begin had it not been for those plot roots the entire thing may have unraveled.

Other things to look or are the performances of the supporting cast of John Gallagher Jr., Danielle Brooks, Keith L. Williams, Tony Hale and Tee Dennard. A long list of names but all rally around to make this one work from start to finish.