Rupture – Review

ruptureposterRupture (2016)
1h 42min | Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller | 28 April 2017 (USA)

Synopsis: A single mom tries to break free from a mysterious organization that has abducted her.

Review: The first thing about RUPTURE to grab my attention was the fact it stars Noomi Rapace. She is one of the few actresses with the ability to elevate this story line and genre to something more than just a cliche. Brian Nelson’s story is creative enough and has several engaging moments. Sadly though the film gets caught up in a spinning wheel of repetitive situations and peril.

The imagery is powerful and you often have to turn away from the torturous moments. Rapace’s character Renee finds herself drugged, bound, and mentally and physically assaulted at the hands of strange scientists led by the Bald Man (Michael Chiklis). But she isn’t alone. She discoverers that there are several others being held captive. Each one of them having their darkest fears preyed upon by these sickos. The problem is that the audience never understands the motive. That is ok if the secrecy is there as a pathway. If we enjoy uncovering the clues and finding powerful answers then the secrets are warranted. But here we just get more questions than answers.

I get the feeling that this film started out with lofty ideas but somehow lost its way. I “assume” that the point was to use personal fear as some sort of catalyst to enlightenment. That somehow facing our fears in a no win scenario is a good thing. Well it doesn’t bode well for the characters.

The sad point of it all is that this film is just a mess. I prefer to find as many redemptive elements as possible. Filmmakers work hard to create a product and sometimes it just doesn’t pan out. That is the case here. If you want some squeamish moments and some shocking imagery then it might be worth your time. But go in with low expectations. The lower the better. If you do then you might walk away less frustrated. The film is unrated but certainly not one for younger viewers. So if you do go, leave the kids at home.