Here Alone

herealoneposterHere Alone (2016)
1h 29min | Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi | 15 April 2016 (USA)

Synopsis: A young woman struggles to survive on her own in the wake of a mysterious epidemic that has decimated society and forced her deep into the unforgiving wilderness.

Review: There are countless TV shows and movies that follow post apocalyptic humanity and the struggle to survive. The zombie genre is a hot item for sure but the key to success is to focus not on the undead but the living. How people deal with and overcome the situation is more intriguing and thrilling than anything else. HERE ALONE is a riveting watch mainly due to the main character and the actor’s performance.

We meet Ann (Lucy Walters) in her current position and discover the events that led to up this during flashback sequences. She is obviously alone and for the most part managing ok. She is self sufficient more out of need than desire. It is clear that the world has suffered a catastrophic event which has brought her to this moment. Ann lives off the land for the most part; foraging and scraping together basic necessities. It is not the life for the soft or timid. She is a survivor both mentally and physically. When she rescues a man (Adam David Thompson) and his young step-daughter (Gina Piersanti), Ann balances her need for survival with that of companionship.

Walters is fantastic in this role. She has to carry the entire film and convince us that what we see happening on screen is worth investing in. From the very beginning we have no problem connecting with Ann and her situation. She embraces the rugged existence and literally covers herself with it. This is vital in a film where the characters are few and the dialogue sparse. There are no long drown out conversations to distract us from the moment. It is acting in its purest form. The body telling a story.

The location and cinematography add to the intensity of the story. They could have filmed it in a local park or nature preserve and you would never know it. There is a heavy layer to the setting that makes you feel as if you are completely and utterly removed from human existence; or what is left of it. And again the where and what are of little importance when you are sold on the main character.

Thompson and Piersanti are also strong players in this one. If one piece is weak the entire story falls apart. By the time they show up you are a tad protective of Ann and like her not sure you should trust these new comers. The writers make sure whose side we are on and then let the events unfold. It is an organic way of moving the plot along that works.

For those who want action and blood there is some of that too. Once you find out exactly what Ann is facing and where mankind has found itself there are a few “Walking Dead” moments. Plus the tension between Ann and the new folks enhances the drama.

HERE ALONE is currently unrated but intended for adults. The language, themes, violence and brief nudity are not for the younger movie goers. Director Rod Blackhurst has created an engaging film that keeps you hooked until the end. That combined with the gritty performance from Walters makes it one to see for those who love the genre.