79 Parts coming to VOD

79poster79 Parts (2019)
Not Rated | Comedy | 7 May 2019 (USA)

79 PARTS will be available on VOD beginning May 7th

Synopsis: Law student Jack Anderson (Ryan O’Callaghan) is on a downward spiral; his father’s (Eric Roberts) in jail, his girlfriend dumped him and he can’t afford the last semester of law school. A fellow law student, Gino, arranges for him to borrow the money from the owner of a local automobile chop shop. “BOOM! It turns out, even though the race is fixed, it doesn’t always mean you’ll win.”

Review: I am glad to see more films being set in the 1970s. Especially comedies. The culture of that decade is iconic and instantly recognizable. The new film 79 PARTS takes full advantage of the sights, sounds, and groove of that era as the backdrop for its hilarious hijinks. The story is full of stereotypical characters – not a bad thing –  who are outrageous and fun to watch.

Jack (Ryan O’Callaghan) is an average guy just trying to get through a semester of law school. Needing money for tuition he seeks the help of a fellow student, Gino (Johnny Solo), who always seems to have a sure fire plan for getting some moolah. Jack soon finds himself indebted to a local gangster (Aidan Redmond,) who has Jack jumping though hoops to pay him back. We see Jack go from one funny situation to another while the characters around him battle their own dilemmas.

Though the story is about Jack there are numerous other side stories happening at the same time. Like tentacles on a sea beast each one is connected but seems to be flailing around on their own. This is what keeps the film interesting and the viewer on their toes. It isn’t perfectly cohesive but enough so that when one plot line intersects with another it works to elevate the laughs. Wives, girlfriends, family members; they all weave together into a fine supporting cast for our main trio. There are five writers credited for this film so it is surprising that it works at all. That many ideas seldom come together correctly.

79 PARTS is unrated but definitely for mature audiences due to adult language, violence, and sexual content. Those looking to rent a slick comedy could do worse than this one. I would recommend it more as a VOD than a big screen release. It is not a perfect film but one that certainly entertains from beginning to end with characters that are fun to laugh and shake your head at.