The Landing

thelandingThe Landing
1h 23min | Crime , Mystery , Sci-Fi | 24 August 2018 (USA)

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Synopsis: The Landing’s fascinating story ostensibly revisits Apollo 18 more than 25 years after the mission’s controversial catastrophe that left two American astronauts dead and which marked the end of U.S. moon missions. A unique blend of perceived fact and fiction that demonstrates just how easy it is to be fooled, The Landing follows the feasible disaster and subsequent 20+ years of legal wrangling, as investigators take a disorienting look into what could be real … Or is it? An extraordinary work of filmmaking that, in today’s “fake news” environment, demonstrates how easy it is to fool the world.

Notable: I must admit that I started watching THE LANDING without really reading the synopsis or backstory. I just saw that it was about the Apollo 18 mission and there was a mystery around it. Sounded cool. So I am watching this thing and the story has my jaw on the floor. How had I never heard about this! The footage, testimonies, and news clippings should rate right up there with the JFK assassination and every other conspiracy theory. I paused the film and hit google search. I had to find out more. After only a minute or two of digging I discovered that they made all this up; and told me that from the start had I just read the liner notes. Silly me.

I say all that to say had it been an authentic documentary I would have been able to get passed some of the odd flashback scenes. Even before I knew it to be a fake documentary  I was wondered why they made it look like a Planet of the Apes film. The black and white scenes set in desolate landscapes with 1960s style music was a bit much.

Congrats to the creators of THE LANDING on making a fake doc that is better put together than most real ones. I was convinced that every word out of everyones mouth was true. The intrigue and mystery as believable. Even after you know it is fake you will forget and start getting excited about what you are seeing. I still shake my head at my own gullibility.