Colette and Disobedience try hard to wow critics

These two films were on my radar going in to award season. Both were solid flicks with engaging stories and strong female performances. I just worry if they have the legs to outrun some of the late year films that are going to slay the competition.

R | 1h 54min | Drama , Romance

Synopsis: A woman returns to her Orthodox Jewish community that shunned her for her attraction to a female childhood friend. Once back, their passions reignite as they explore the boundaries of faith and sexuality.

Award probability: 25% Amy Adams and Alessandro Nivola both give wonderful performances.

I highly recommend this for people to watch even if it doesn’t show up during the award season. It is now on Blu-ray so go rent it.


R | 1h 51min | Biography , Drama , History

Synopsis: Colette is pushed by her husband to write novels under his name. Upon their success, she fights to make her talents known, challenging gender norms.

Award probability: 15% Standout acting by Keira Knightley and Dominic West warrant at least a “we see you”.

I loved this story and am a sucker for period pieces that show how culturally odd the world worked when it came to the roles of men and women. Like OBEDIENCE I recommend this as a watch as well.