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MOVIE REVIEW: Harry Potter fanatics have longed for something new so there is no concern that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will wizard its way into the top of the box office and the hearts of fans.

MOVIE REVIEW: Though not as prominent a name around households as Iron Man or Captain America, DOCTOR STRANGE is solid character and his effects totally kick The Avenger's butts. 

DVD: Win a copy of BAD MOMS Available now on DVD Blu-ray and Digital. Details here.

MOVIE REVIEW: There are many who have not adjusted to Tom Cruise taking on the persona of the hulking Jack Reacher of the Lee Child Novels. In JACK REACHER NEVER GO BACK you have to overlook even more. 

MOVIE REVIEW: The good news is that INFERNO doesn't suck. So let's celebrate some mediocrity and call it a day. 

MOVIE REVIEW: Congrats to writer/director Ti West on making me a fan of the western. IN A VALLEY OF VIOLENCE puts just enough tongue in the cheek to be witty without ever diluting the core of the genre. 

MOVIE REVIEW: CERTAIN WOMEN is a how-to of framing and capture but nothing else. Possibly the thinnest and most pointless script this year. 

MOVIE REVIEW: THE ACCOUNTANT is an intriguing and entertaining character who would be fun to watch on a week to week basis. Sort of Rainman meets Jason Bourne.

DVD: Win a copy of NERVE Available 10/25 on DVD Blu-ray and Digital. Details here.

MOVIE REVIEW: Fans of the Paula Hawkins's novel THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN have been excited for its theatrical release. You won't hate it but you won't really like it either.

DVD: What first attracted me to PHANTOM OF THE THEATRE was the cover art. I knew this was going to look spectacular and I was not disappointed.

DVD: COMPLETE UNKNOWN I think Michael Shannon is one of the strongest male actors in the game today. No one tackles a dramatic role with more tenacity and raw emotion.

DVD: INTO THE FOREST is a slick thriller that has dystopian themes without feeling cliche or apocalyptic. Could actually be from any time period once the power goes out. Now on Blu-ray and DVD

MOVIE REVIEW: Most people remember the event but few know the name of the oil rig, DEEPWATER HORIZON. Part Towering Inferno and part Poseidon Adventure this action thriller graciously overcomes its many flaws.


INTERVIEW: Matt chats with Morgan Saylor about her gritty, award worthy performance in WHITE GIRL.

MOVIE REVIEW: At first watch you will wish you would have read the book series before seeing Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

DVD: Win a copy of one of the most stylish and mind blowing films of the year. THE NEON DEMON available now on DVD Blu-ray and Digital. Details here.

MOVIE REVIEW: The gun debate is always a hot topic and never have folks gotten as heated as seen in the new lighthearted comedy, IS THAT A GUN IN YOUR POCKET.


INTERVIEW: Matt chats with the charmingly loveable Andrea Anders about her battle of the sexes comedy, IS THAT A GUN IN YOUR POCKET.

MOVIE REVIEW:  If you spend any time at all in the modern Christian church there is no doubt that you are familiar with the music of Hillsong; regardless if you have heard of them as a band.



INTERVIEW: Matt chats with Britt Robertson about her new film MR. CHURCH alongside Eddie Murphy.

DVD: Fans of the genre and the first endeavor will find much about THE CONJURING 2 to applaud as well. Available 09.13.16

DVD: Marnie Minervini has happily relocated from New Jersey to Los Angeles to be near her daughter Lori, a successful (but still single) screenwriter. THE MEDDLER available 09.06.16

MOVIE REVIEW: One tagline for SULLY is "The untold story behind the miracle on the Hudson". What happened afterwards is what makes the movie so riveting.  


MOVIE REVIEW: The Hollars is an emotional, funny, and relatable tale with a cast that felt like family. This is vital in a film that often tried to do too much.

DVD: With this type of cast it was surprising how quick GENIUS came and went in the theater. It is an intriguing and dramatic look into the career of author Thomas Wolfe. Available 09.06.16

MOVIE REVIEW: MAX ROSE is a well intended drama that at times misses a few beats. The story line is intriguing and the character interaction touching... 


MOVIE REVIEW: Powerhouse acting performances and an emotional script make THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS one of the first all around Oscar contenders of the year.

MOVIE REVIEW: The coming of age comedy/drama MORRIS FROM AMERICA is intriguing. But the question is, "for what audience?".

INTERVIEW: Matt chats with Rodrigo Santoro about bringing one of the most influential characters to life; Jesus the Christ.

Win THE HUNTSMAN WINTER'S WAR on Blu-ray/DVD. No cost or obligation. Official rules apply. To enter for a chance to win, email w/ Huntsman in the subject line. Deadline 08.30.16

MOVIE REVIEW: The story is powerful and this adaptation is masterfully written so that BEN-HUR moves steadily throughout. It covers a lot of ground both historically and fictionally without ever losing its way.

MOVIE REVIEW: The documentary FREE TO RUN is a brilliant insight into what many of us today take for granted.

DVD: THE WONDER YEARS: THE COMPLETE SERIES, a Specially-Priced 22-Disc Collection now available!

BLU-RAY: Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe must work together to solve the case of a missing girl and the death of a porn star in THE NICE GUYS.

INTERVIEW: Emmy Award winning Production Designer Howard Cummings talks THE KNICK and career with Director Steven Soderbergh

INTERVIEW: Founder and Artistic Director Justina Walford invites us to the biggest film party, I mean festival of the year.

Before you dismiss this as some average drunken comedy full of cliche discussions and obtuse characters take a moment and give JOSHY's heart a chance to beat.

Meryl Streep may have had a few roles fall flat lately but none as flat as FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS. But luckily that is what makes her character so wonderful. 

DON'T THINK TWICE is one of the most honest and candid films to come out in a while. Writer/Director Mike Birbiglia pens a script that peels back the layers of self confidence to show the insecure fragile heart beating underneath.

Never have I seen such anger, hostility, and inner fighting before. And that is just among film critics! Many different opinions are surfacing regarding the new action flick, SUICIDE SQUAD

Win THE BOSS on Blu-ray/DVD. No cost or obligation. Official rules apply. To enter for a chance to win, email w/ THE BOSS in the subject line - EXPIRED

Win MOTHER'S DAY on Blu-ray/DVD. No cost or obligation. Official rules apply. To enter for a chance to win, email w/ MOTHER'S DAY in the subject line - EXPIRED
JULY 26th 2016 - The Boss | Barbershop 3 The Next Cut | Criminal

Had so much fun talking high finance with Alysia Reiner, Meera Menon, and Sarah Megan Thomas. EQUITY coming to theaters 07.29!

My interview with the seductive Tamzin Brown as we chat about her new thriller TABLOID VIVANT.

JULY 19th 2016 - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice | The Perfect Match | Elvis & Nixon

Listen to this week's podcast as we break down the July films and Bryan has to defend his opinions yet again.

JULY 12th 2016 - The Divergent Series: Allegiant | Green Room | The Dark Horse | Miracles from Heaven | Everybody Wants Some

JULY 5th 2016 - Emma's Chance | Search Party | I Saw the Light | By the Sea | House of Cards S:4

JUNE 28th 2016 - Precious Cargo | Whiskey Tango Foxtrot | Kung Fu Panda 3 | Adventures in Babysitting

My interview with writer/director Todd Solondz shines some light on his new film, WIENER-DOG. Now in select theaters.

We love Adriana Mather and always look forward to chatting with her about life and now the new film HONEYGLUE. Plus she has a new book. Yah!

Listen to my interview with the multi talented actress and producer Louise Linton for her new film INTRUDER, in theaters June 24th.

Listen to my interview with the very fun and vibrant Writer/Director Katie Cokinos for I DREAM TOO MUCH now on iTunes and On-Demand.

How To Get Away with Murder S:2 arrives on DVD June 21st. Season one hooked us in and this one takes us for a ride. One of ABC's best.

Adventures in Babysitting a dull evening for two competing babysitters turns into an adventure in the big city. June 28th on Blu-ray and DVD.

Midnight Special arrives on Blu-ray June 21st. This top notch Sci-FI thriller is expertly written with a grand performance from Michael Shannon.

The Brothers Grimsby shocks viewers starting June 21st on Blu-ray and DVD. Fully loaded with outtakes, bloopers and more.

June is busting out all over. Susan, Bryan, Preston, and I break it all down for you in this week's podcast.

Hello, My Name is Doris is now on Digital, & Blu-Ray / DVD June 14th. Sally Field delivers the first award winning performance of the year

Watch my interview with Rebecca Miller as we talk about her new romantic drama, Maggie's Plan

Listen to my interview with the dynamic writing duo of brothers Chad and Carey Hayes as we talk about The Conjuring 2.

The Witch I had to actually psyche myself up to watch it. Still as creepy and skin crawling on the little screen as I image it was on the big one. Now on Blu-ray & DVD and Digital.

Touched With Fire On Digital HD May 24 & Blu-Ray & DVD June 7th from Lionsgate.

Cabaret for a Cause May 25th opening night of ATTPAC's Cabaret at the Winspear Opera House benefiting the Dallas Holocaust Museum. LIsten to my interview with event co-chair Jolene Risch.

Dallas, grab a free screening pass to see the comedy PUERTO RICANS IN PARIS. No cost or Obligation.

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Austin, grab a free screening pass to see the Sundance Selections Documentary WEINER No cost or Obligation.

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How to Be Single Digital HD on May 3 Blu-ray and DVD debut on May 24

PRIDE + PREJUDICE + ZOMBIES Debuting on Digital May 10 On 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™ & DVD May 31

TRIPLE 9 On Digital HD May 17 & Blu-Ray & DVD May 31. A great cast and solid script made this a need to watch.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant on Blu-Ray 7.12.16. Go Beyond the Wall with Shailene Woodley and Theo James.

SOUTHBOUND Available on DVD May 17 A series of interwoven tales of terror and remorse on the open road.

THE 5th WAVE on Blu-Ray 5.3.16. I was hooked on this after watching the first trailer. The visuals were jaw dropping.

HYENA ROAD on DVD 5.3.16. This is the first full length endeavor by Paul Gross who wrote, directed and stars in this one.

Visit our YouTube Channel for interviews and red carpet footage from the 2016 Dallas International Film Festival

Austin, grab a free screening pass to see THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY. No cost or Obligation.

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Watch my interview with Ice Cube and Lamorne Morris as we talk about the new installment of Barbershop.

Listen to my interview with the always inspiring Queen Latifah as we talk about the new film MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN.

Listen to my interview with CCM Recording artist Michael W. Smith as we talk about the LIVE PASSION EVENT airing Sunday night on FOX.

Listen to my interview with Producer/Music Director Adam Anders (GLEE) as we talk about the LIVE PASSION EVENT airing Sunday night on FOX.