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Golden Globes


One of our coolest giveaways this year. A Star Wars package that includes a hat, Darth Vader voice changer, talking Yoda, and more.

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When the Game Stands Tall
Blu-ray + DVD

Number of discs: 2
Rated: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)
Studio: Sony
DVD Release Date: December 9, 2014
Run Time: 115 minutes


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes December 2
The Hundred-Foot Journey December 2
Guardians of the Galaxy December 9
Dead Snow 2: Red Vs Dead December 9
Dolphin Tale 2 December 9
Calvary December 9
The Maze Runner December 16
This Is Where I Leave You December 16
The Good Lie December 23
Pride December 23

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Book Reviews
Kimberly Simpson

Looking forward to curling up with a good book while your significant other is at the movies with the guys? Kimberly offers insightful tips into what to read and what to leave on the shelf.


My Blog
Weekly musings by Matt Mungle




Into the Woods
Review - Matt Mungle

The biggest gamble Hollywood ever takes is when it hires A-list actors for a film that is 98% singing. The question always remains; is it better to get a wonderful vocalist who can sort of act or a top notch actor who can barely carry a tune? The answer is mute in regards to INTO THE WOODS since luckily the cast really nails both. In fact it isn't the performers that make this a less than marvelous film but rather the lengthy script and a horribly convoluted final act.


Review - Matt Mungle

There have been several films in which one actor has to carry each scene. Some have been stranded at sea, others alone in a car driving to destruction, or buried alive in a shallow grave. In WILD, Reese Witherspoon picks up her backpack and goes on a journey of mental cleansing and self discovery. This is based on the true story and biography of Cheryl Strayed (an American memoirist, novelist and essayist) and tells of her 1100-mile hike along the Pacific Crest Trail.


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt 1
Review - Matt Mungle

A quick poll of those who have read the Hunger Games book series would reveal that the third and final book is their least favorite. Many would call it unnecessary and wordy. It is certainly more political with a military mindset. What may surprise readers is that this third film in the movie series, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, might be the better screen adaptation; only in the fact that it makes a ho-hum book slightly intriguing. This of course applies mainly to the readers. Those who have only watched the movies will still find it a bit boring.


Penguins of Madagascar
Review - Kathryn Waite

While there were some slower-paced moments, the Madagascar movies have always been able to provide laughs and fun. Following the story of these escaped zoo animals over the years has given viewers a fresh-breath to the Dream Works Studios repertoire. But the best part of all three of the Madagascar movies has been any scene with the four spy-trained penguins.


Review - Matt Mungle

In our day and age of technology and new inventions around every corner it is hard to make a decent science fiction film. We are a generation that can imagine anything. But Interstellar is smart in that it combines fears of over population and the desolation of Earths resources with a believable, at least in this reviewers mind, about a "what if" scenario of wormholes and inhabitable Planets; and it does it so beautifully. This film goes where many have tried and failed. It's mission was to rapture us with sights and sounds and engage our minds with the belief that love is always a necessary element to existence. Mission accomplished.


Big Hero 6
Review - Kimberly Mungle

There is nothing new about Disney’s upcoming film Big Hero 6. In fact, I’m pretty sure that every scene of the movie has been done in multiple superhero films (The Avengers, Iron Man) and I swear I even recognized a scene from Gravity. However, I still walked out of the theater smiling – it’s worth a trip to the movies.


Review - Matt Mungle

Strong, creative, writing can salvage mediocre acting. A powerful performance often can elevate a non-plus script and make a movie memorable. When you combine the two you get explosive movie making that will stick with you. NIGHTCRAWLER does have both and takes the creep factor of a sociopath to epic levels. You can now add Louis Bloom to the list occupied by Anton Chigurh, Norman Bates, and Jack Torrance. The only difference is how nice he is; which is terrifying.


Review - Matt Mungle

Each year a film appears as if out of nowhere and stuns audiences with its unexpected brilliance. For 2014 that title belongs to BIRDMAN. There isn't just one thing that makes it stand out but a bunch of crucial elements all coming together to form one solid motion picture. This review is one attempt to try and explain what worked and how. But only seeing it will make you actually get it.


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