They Remain World Premiere

theyremainposterThe H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival announced that the World Premiere of THEY REMAIN, will take place at the festival at 7:00PM on Saturday, October 7th, with an encore screening on Sunday, October 8th. THEY REMAIN will open theatrically across the US in Fall 2017

Synopsis: THEY REMAIN defies categorization and journeys into the shadowy realm where nature, science, and the supernatural co-exist in horrific symbiosis. William Harper Jackson (“True Story”) and Rebecca Henderson (“Mistress America”) star as two scientists investigating the root of environmental changes and strange animal behavior at a remote site where a Manson Family-style cult committed atrocities. The isolated location, the unraveling of their relationship, and the biome itself begin to lead them down a path of doom where primeval forces threaten to consume them.

Review: THEY REMAIN is a creepy slow burn and exactly the type of film I go to festivals to see. Director _ does  a lot of things right in this one. There are times it feels like an episode of Lost (that is a compliment) meets Blair Witch Project. The minimal cast and staccato soundtrack add to the spine chilling suspense.

Keith (William Harper Jackson) and Jessica (Rebecca Henderson) are two scientists spending 90 days in a remote area gathering samples and footage to explain some weird happenings. Their relationship is full of tension and odd conversations that escalates as the movie progresses.

The film scares you like a good camp fire story. Keith and Jessica talk about things that happened on the property and that is enough to get that uneasy skin crawling feeling. Your imagination takes over and then you are hooked.

THE REMAIN is unrated but contains adult language, graphic imagery and brief nudity.