The Wedding Invitation – Review

twiposterThe Wedding Invitation (2017)
1h 30min | Comedy, Romance | 2017 (USA)

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Synopsis: Three best friends endure heartbreak, humiliation and hangovers to get dates for the wedding of a lifetime.

Review: Rainy Kerwin wrote, directed, produced, and even stars in the new girl power comedy, THE WEDDING INVITATION. It is that true indie spirit that can create a film that is this fresh and fun. Kerwin proves that you don’t need to wait on Hollywood; just go do it. What we get here is a story line that isn’t necessarily unique but the characters and dialogue never feel recycled. There is an organic realness – that you sometimes only get in the indie world – that makes you like these people and enjoy watching their journey. They are funny, smart, insecure, dorky, but most of all determined. They could be a sister, cousin, best friend, or spouse; but we all recognize them from somewhere. It is that sense of familiarity that grounds the story and helps in its hilarity.

Lucy (Kerwin), Ryann (Camille Guaty), and Nectar (Christina Ulloa) are three best friends who just got invited to the wedding of the year. At least in their minds. After all when the coolest girl in your graduating class has an 80’s themed wedding how can it not be fantastic? They are willing to do anything to attend but when the bride requests they all bring dates these three single ladies have to step up their A-game to nab a hottie to hang on their arm. Can it be that hard to find a decent dude? As a guy I will not answer that.

Most of the film revolves around the trio debating on and acting upon the best way to score a date. Is it just hitting on every hot guy you meet? Is it manifesting that date into existence by sheer will power? Whatever the formula they have to do it and do it fast. These are some of the most funny moments of the film. When people over try to do something it never goes well. We have all stepped outside our bodies and wondered what in the world we are saying and doing. Again, very relatable.

The three leading ladies have a powerful onscreen chemistry which also helps sell the story. If they aren’t convincing in their friendship then we don’t believe anything else they do. Each one has a distinct personality which adds depth to the relationships. Plus they never fake fight nor fake bond. There is no added drama or fluff to the script to distract from the task at hand. The writing is fluid and genuine which allows the characters to move freely in their own skin.

Kerwin says that she initially wrote the character Ryann for herself to play. But I can’t imagine anyone else as Lucy. She is the more business professional of the group and her life is filled with motivational quotes and piles of post it notes. She is very analytical and a tad neurotic but at the same time there are flashes of whimsy that sparkle in her eye. As a viewer you can’t help but wonder what would happen if she ever just cut loose.

There is lots of humor in this film and if I laughed this much as a guy I can only imagine how funny it is to the female viewer. The circumstances, date hunting, and overall theme should resonate with all the single ladies. THE WEDDING INVITATION is not rated but is an adult comedy and for those 17 and over. Other than some adult language there is very little to find objectionable. I give it 3.75 out of 5 G-strings (on a guitar you pervs) and totally recommend this not only as a solid comedy but as a shining example of the indie film world.