The Monster snarls to blu-ray

Number of discs: 1
Rated: R Restricted
DVD Release Date: January 24, 2017
Run Time: 91 minutes

Synopsis: Acclaimed horror filmmaker Bryan Bertino (The Strangers) wrote and directed this suspenseful and scary film, in which a divorced mother (Zoe Kazan) and her headstrong daughter must make an emergency late-night road trip to see the girl’s father. As they drive through deserted country roads on a stormy night, they suddenly have a startling collision that leaves them shaken but not seriously hurt. Their car, however, is dead, and as they try in vain to get help, they come to realize they are not alone on these desolate backroads — a terrifying evil is lurking in the surrounding woods, intent on never letting them leave.

Review: Very seldom do I watch a horror/thriller and hope The Monster wins. But in this cliche riddled flick the main characters are so annoying that you can’t help but hope they come to a quick demise. I understand the concept behind the story. The anger and tension between the mother and daughter has to be palpable. If you don’t understand their angst fueled relationship then you don’t truly get the sacrifices. But the writing tries to hard and the actors have no other chioce but to try and make the conversations and moments as real as possible.

Also the events that take place on the deserted road have very little in the way of plausibility (yes I know there is a monster) or realism. At least try and utilize the technology of the day and allow the special effects team to get something right.

I am a huge fan of Kazan and I in no way hold this performance against her. She does what she can with what she is given. Also, THE STRANGERS is one of my favorite horror films. I watched it again just the other day. I would never believed that these two films could have come from the same mind. Something must have happened long the way to derail this one.

As far as extras you get next to nothing regardless of the format.


“Eyes in the Darkness” featurette