Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl

sslgposterSweet, Sweet Lonely Girl
USA, 2016, 76 min., Color, English

What if a house is haunted by something both more and less than ghosts, by the temptation of a life much grander and darker than the life that we know?

Angelika Film Center #7 – Saturday – Midnight

The poster for Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl instantly lets you know that you are in for a vintage, spooky mansion, ghost story. The film seems plucked from a decades old vault. The main cast of  Quinn Shephard (Beth) and Erin Wilhelmi (Adele) possess a long gone styling in their dress, look and demeanor.

The tale is simple and doesn’t try to reinvent this timeless way of story telling. It allows our senses to hone in on the unseen and the unknown to extract a sense of dread and horror. The creepy old Aunt behind the locked door, the attic full of long forgotten memories, and two young women who seem to be drawn to the paranormal.

It is shot with closeups and framing that harken back to the 70’s and early 80’s. Wilhelmi totally encompasses the era with her pale skin, mousey personality, and long blonde hair.

The Midnight Specials are my fave part of DIFF and  this is a fantastic addition that is a twist from the normal blood and guts we usually get. – Matt Mungle