Pretty Little Liars Season 7 is out on DVD

pll7Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Seventh & Final Season

Number of discs: 4
Rated: NR  Not Rated
Studio: WarnerBrothers
DVD Release Date: July 25, 2017
Run Time: 924 minutes

Seven seasons of twists and turns finally come to a head in this DVD release of the final installment of Pretty Little Liars. From asking ourselves, “but who REALLY is A?!” and “wait, I don’t know if that theory makes sense…” millions of fans will finally have closure to their burning questions for their favorite ladies of Rosewood.

The final season takes place five years after the last season; the girls are grown up but must come back to the town of Rosewood to face a new threat among them. The girls must also take down “Uber A” for good in order to be free of all the secrets and lies. Can they accomplish this and stay alive? With twenty episodes packed into this season, it is safe to say that there will be plenty of twists and turns for the ladies to encounter.
As far as DVD special features, Pretty Little Liars Season 7 packs a punch with over an hour and half of Special Features on the last disc. The Special Features include:

The Final Sendoff from Rosewood – Bonus Feature
-The cast and crew look back on their work in the series and discuss the legacy it has left behind for fans.

A.D.: The Ultimate Suspect – Bonus Feature
-This feature takes a deeper look into the great reveal of A.D.

Thank You to Fans – Bonus Feature
-the faces of Pretty Little Liars that fans have come to know and love say “thank you” to the people who have watched the show from the start.

Pretty Little Liars: A-List Wrap Party (Special) – Bonus Feature
-Who doesn’t love a good party? This quick feature shows you the hoopla of the wrap party the cast and crew had. It was an event to remember (isn’t EVERY event that the girls encounter unforgettable?)


Pretty Little Liars Season 7 is out on DVD right now! To all the fans, time to get the final set to complete your collection. If you have never seen an episode…. You may want to start back at square one, or season one in this case.